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We're a new concept in art retailing with our focus on providing great, original affordable art. So affordable, our prices are capped at under £500, with many artworks available for a lot less. Our vision is to make art truly accessible by concentrating on low prices without compromising on quality.

The contemporary artworks on this site are all originals & cover styles from pop art to abstracts - and all subjects, including a special range depicting iconic brands and a beautiful selection of art for kids. We deal in all sizes, from the very small to larger impact pieces. Our artists are both established and unknown. Some are seasoned exhibitors, some still students. All are talented. To see our latest collection of affordable art, search our gallery.

Affordable Art Online - Original Contemporary Art Under £500

Featured Artists
  • Nikki Rosetti is a British artist living and working in East Anglia. She was taught in the studios of Joan Wills VPSWA during the 1980s in a traditional style of portraiture, still life and landscape. Nikki works extensively from photographic detail and spends as many hours seeking out that elusive image as she does painting. Like many artists she takes full advantage of digital cameras and image processing to create a new slant on what nature has to offer before setting brushes to canvas. Nikki has a passion for broken colour, bold brushwork and evocative mood in a painting.

  • Colin Willmott's highly impactful, colourful work is mainly abstract in style, focusing on images of cosmic space, landscapes and the sea. He interprets these images broadly, mainly using vivid colour, movement, texture and space within his paintings. Colin paints primarily with oils on canvas, panel and wood and has a degree from Farnham Art College in Fine Art Appreciation and Practice. He has had both solo and joint exhibitions in London, Norway and Brussels and his work is in both Corporate and private collections across the UK, Europe and New York. Colin works from his studio in the Hampshire countryside.

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